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lolitasinjapan's Journal

Lolitas in Japan
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Basic Introduction:
Yokoso! This Livejournal community is for Lolitas who are currently residing in Japan. Those who have previously resided or are going to move to Japan are more than welcome to join. This gives an opportunity for those residing in Japan to communicate with others and share wonderful experiences here in Japan.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. No off topic posts
All posts should be related to the Gothic Lolita fashion (and related) or related to Japan.

2. All sales must be put under a cut.

3. Images over 300 x 300 should be placed under a cut.

4. An introduction post would be most wonderful. Please include whatever information you would like to share.
Example information might be:
- where you are currently located in Japan
- what are your favorite brands
- what you like to do in Japan
- how long are you staying in Japan
- what country are you from (if you are not born in Japan).

5. Advertising for another community must go through approval of the moderator.

6. In the future, please look through the memories section in hopes of answering your basic questions.

7. If you do not reside in Japan, please do not post, "Will you buy this for me?" type of posts. Those who are offering Shopping services, I am sure have the capabilities of advertising themselves. Perhaps I'll put a small column of those who are offering shopping services somewhere on this LJ. It all depends. ^^;

8. Have fun. Be courteous and kind.

Current goals:
To develop an English information guide for Lolita's who are residing in Japan. Suggested catagories:
- shopping online
- yahoo auctions
- guides to shopping during sales
- places to visit, things to see
- events to go to
- shopping guides for other cities (besides Sumire-chan's awsome Tokyo guide)

Also to make friends with others, talk about Lolita life in Japan, experiences, complaints, so on and so forth.

To provide a decent layout for this community. I promise I shall get a simple one up. If anyone would like to contribute images, art work, etc - you are more than welcome to. Gomen. T_T;;