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Osaka Lolitas [Jan. 14th, 2013|12:58 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

[Current Location |Japan, Ōsaka-fu, Toyonaka]

A few of us have got together to form an International Osaka Lolitas group. So far we have only met twice and have only 4 members! We are hoping to get bigger so if you are a lolita in the Osaka area please get in touch. For our next few meets we have plans to go to Universal Studios Japan, a indies lolita fair and of course shopping.

Please comment below to join!
Thanks Emma, Lona and Sam x

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Niigata lolitas? [Dec. 14th, 2012|10:25 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

Hi there!

My name is Agnes and I'm a gothic lolita from Belgium. I'm currently living in Niigata for a year for my studies and was wondering if there is a (international) lolita community here? I still have to re-start my wardrobe since I couldn't bring any of my lolita clothes (one suitcase limitation, urgh), but I would already like to make some new lolita friends~
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Sayonara Sale of a lolita [Nov. 27th, 2012|11:31 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

Hey guys, I'm leaving Japan in a week and I need to get rid of some stuff.

Selling a few loli dresses, some bodyline stuff, and electronic Japanese dictionary and a few other things over here -> http://tokyo.craigslist.jp/for/3439802201.html

You can contact me here on LJ or via e-mail :) gammaray.cowboy@gmail.com

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Facebook Group [Aug. 9th, 2012|10:52 am]
Lolitas in Japan

I haven't posted any events in a while since most of the Tokyo international lolita activity has moved to Facebook. There's a group called Tokyo International Lolitas here:

The group is open to anyone but activities are only viewable by members.

I also don't mind receiving PMs asking about events if you're coming to Japan on vacation, but putting together lists of events on LJ seems kind of pointless since it takes so long and not many people are on here anymore :x
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Events from the depths of the internet [May. 31st, 2012|12:10 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

To start, there will be an international lolita-day event in Harajuku on Saturday, June 2nd at 1pm, meeting by the Takeshita exit.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to go but many other people have signed up :)
More details can be found here: http://egl.livejournal.com/18561023.html
And here: http://www.facebook.com/events/236717996443833/


Recently a new lolita group was formed for people who can only meet on weekdays because they work on weekends or whatever.
Their first meetups will be in Harajuku on Monday June 4th and 11th from 1:30-4pm.
Expected budget is around 1000 yen for snacks and/or purikura.
This is a mixi event so the link may not work (you need to be a member of mixi to even see it) but if anyone is interested I can contact the organizer for you.


Misako is running a money making scheme tea party at Milk Crown Cafe in Nakano (Tokyo) next weekend, on Sunday, July 10th.
There are 2 time slots, 1:30pm for the "Classical Chocolate" theme and 3:30 for the "Classical Fruit" theme (you decide what those themes mean to you?). Each time slot is 3500 yen and includes:
- a cake + drink + ~classical small present~
- getting to see Misako in her thematic outfits (she's going to wear a different one for each session)
- a lolita "talk show" where Misako talks about stuff like classical lolita with guests designers of classic brand clothing and accessories (probably the designer from Dolce Piu Amabile?)
- 2 photos with Misako
- a Misako stamp card
- Misako original goods sale and flea market

More details are here and you need to sign up through her blog:


Friend-making lolita (and alternative fashion welcome) picnic in Shinjuku
Saturday, June 16th at 11:30am. I don't see the exact location so I'm guessing they'll message you after you RSVP.
From mixi:


I thought I would remind Osaka lolitas that the monthly Nandemo nai hi no ochakai is coming up on June 3rd. It's usually the first Sunday of the month and starts at 5pm until 9.
★ご予約:2500円  当日:3000円★
DollDress GalerieBrocante(ドールドレス ガレリーブロカント)


Lolita tea party in Sapporo!
July 22nd, details TBD.
From mixi:
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More events [May. 24th, 2012|12:07 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

Hello, I have some more events to bring you guys. Please feel free to add your own! I don't keep track of a lot of brands so I'm sure I'm missing some.

♪ KERA Shop
Victorian Maiden outlet sale
Friday May 25 ~ Monday May 28
Sample and B-grade items for sale
Friday June 1 ~ Monday June 4
Postcard and novelty present when you buy Rococo Bouquet Series items
From: http://www.victorianmaiden.com/news/news.html

♪ KERA Tea Party (Promotion for Ueda Fashion School)
Christon Cafe (Shinjuku)
Saturday May 26, opens at 12:30
I'm not sure if I signed up for this properly or not, but you apparently were supposed to sign up in advance.
KERA models will be there and other lolita related events will be happening.
From: http://www.ucf.jp/keraparty12/tokyo/index.html

♪ Innocent World B-grade and Sample item sale - Shinjuku Shop</span>
Monday May 28 ~ Thurs May 31
From: http://innocent-w.jp/info.html#bhin

♪ KERA snap at MaruiOne (June 3rd?)
This hasn't been announced on the blog yet but it's typically the first Sunday of the month at 1PM.

♪ 3rd Kanagawa Classic Lolita Tea Party. I found this on mixi so I can't link to it but I can contact the organizer for you.</span>
June 24, 12PM
Place: Kanagawa Pref, Sagamihara City
Activities: Lunch, then a trip to Closet Child
Number of people: 5-6, up to 10

♪ Princess Dream 4 - Indie Lolita Market</span>
July 29, 12-5pm
Admission 500 yen
From: http://www.princess-dream.net/gaiyo.html

♪ Alamode Market 18 - Indie Lolita Market</span>
October 6 in Kawasaki City
From: http://blog.gothloliheaven.com/

♪ Not quite a lolita event, but one for fans of kimono fashion. I found this on mixi so I can't link it.
May 26 & 27 Yumedori Kimono Alice in May (Shinsaibashi)
2012年5月26日(土) 13:00~20:00
2012年5月27日(日) 13:00~19:00
It's a store for new and antique kimono but they'll also have photo taking opportunities and a chance to wear your own with other kimono fans.
Some pics here and here and a map.

♪ Innocent World B-grade and Sample item sale - Kobe Shop</span>
Friday May 25 ~ Thurs May 31
From: http://innocent-w.jp/info.html#bhin

♪ Innocent World Tea Party? Secret Mansion Salon
Date: August 25.
There will be 2 kinds of tickets, A tickets which include cafe(coffee? a drink? idk) and event admission, lunch and a tour of the building for 3500 yen, or B tickets which just get you cafe and event admission for 2500 yen.
Tickets go on sale on June 15.
There will be a fall/winter fashion show and advance reservations available plus a coordinate advice session.
To be able to buy a ticket you need to spend 5250 yen or more at an IW store or online.
More details will be uploaded later~
From: http://innocent-w.jp/info.html#himitu
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June Meet Up/Event [May. 8th, 2012|02:05 am]
Lolitas in Japan

I'm going to be in Tokyo in June from roughly the 6th through the 20th. If anyone would want to meet up and hang out from any time on the 8th through the 20th, I'd be more than estatic. I want to go to Sanrio Puroland and Tokyo Disneland but I don't want to go alone and I want to go to all the themed restaurants I can in Tokyo as well as just shopping in general. So please, contact me if you're interested in meeting up or hanging out or pretty much anything Lolita or non-Lolita related.
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Tokyo Area Lolita Events [Apr. 26th, 2012|11:04 am]
Lolitas in Japan

Here are some lolita related events coming up in the Tokyo area--

Saturday, April 28
Not an event, I just feel like going shopping. Apparently Closet Child is releasing some "good stuff" that day so that's reason enough for me. Anyone want to come? The weather is supposed to be nice :)

Saturday, May 26
KERA's having a tea party/art school recruitment thing in Tokyo. It's going to be at Christon Cafe and registration begins at 9AM on April 28. I foresee this being really popular since this is Tokyo and it's free. I'm not sure if registration is limited or not but you have to register in advance.

Sunday, May 27
I'm really on the fence about this one. It's a mixi event organized by a lolita group/circle called dolly girls. They have made events in the past (blog) but I haven't participated in any. This event is an all day "field trip" for rose viewing and picnicking (website entry).
They'll start at Shinjuku, then go to this park with a old western style building to check out the roses there, then go to this other park with another fancy building and explore and have lunch.
The price is quite steep at 5000 yen. That includes all the park admissions, bus fare, and lunch, and is payable to the organizer on the same day. It's kind of risky but I might want to check it out (I'd be more motivated if I had someone to go with!).
If they can't get 15+ people to go they'll cancel it.

I hope I can do some lolita related stuff before summer gets here and my will to wear pretty clothes disappears completely until late September. Let me know if you're interested!
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Introduction [Mar. 9th, 2012|01:48 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

Hi everyone :)

My name is Iona, 18 years old, Indonesian (but grew up in France and the US)

I have been interested in Lolita since junior high. A few years ago, I started falling out of love with Lolita, that is, until I got my dream scholarship of studying at a university in Tokyo. My love for Lolita was immediately re-lit. I part-time as an English teacher, and I save my salary to buy dresses at Closet Child.

I moved to Tokyo September 2011, and will stay here until 2015. I live near Yoyogi-Uehara Station (2 stops from Harajuku on the Chiyoda Line). My Japanese is basic and functional. I am moving up to intermediate level next semester.

I'm a very shy person. I never had the courage of walking outside in Lolita even though I love it so much. I'm trying to be more confident. I never had a Lolita friend to hangout with, and I have never gone to a meet-up. My wardrobe is very very small, I am trying to build it little-by-little. I stick more to Classical.

I hope to make many Lolita friends in Tokyo. I look forward to meeting people at meetups!
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any Lolita event in July 2012 [Feb. 28th, 2012|09:28 pm]
Lolitas in Japan

Hi, I am from Germany and I am going to spend my holiday at the first two weeks of July in Tokyo. I would love to have the chance to go a Tea Party or any other Lolita event. Can someone help me?
Where can I find informations in English and how long before the date(1 month, 2 month,...)

Thanks and Greets from Germany
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